1906, 2024

Favouritism in the Workplace: How to Spot and Prevent It

June 19, 2024|Categories: All|

"Leaders who practice favouritism in the workplace have no chance to build a culture of trust." – Robert Whipple.  Favouritism and cliques in the workplace create an ambiguous environment where merit and performance take a back seat, leaving employees struggling to navigate an unlevel playing field. This article explores the concept of favouritism in the workplace, its adverse effects, and ways to prevent it, guiding you towards a healthier, more equitable work environment. What is favouritism in the Workplace? Favouritism in the workplace occurs when an employee receives preferential treatment over others based on personal association rather than performance. This [...]

1906, 2024

Succession Planning: Best Practices to Follow in 2024

June 19, 2024|Categories: All|

Succession planning is a cornerstone of organisational resilience and sustainability. For companies in Ireland and the UK, smoothly transitioning key roles is crucial for maintaining stability and fostering growth.  HR Team, a leading HR consultancy in the region, excels in guiding businesses through the intricacies of succession planning. Our article explores the best practices for succession planning in 2024, ensuring your business is prepared for future role planning. What is Succession Planning? Succession planning is a strategic and proactive process for identifying and developing potential future leadership positions within an organisation. It involves recognising mission-critical positions and nurturing talent to [...]

1305, 2024

The New Era of Employment Permits in Ireland

May 13, 2024|Categories: All|

Global employment is the hottest topic in the world of commerce. Ireland's comprehensive overhaul of its Employment Permit System at the end of 2023 signifies a shift in the nation's approach to fostering economic growth and talent acquisition. This extensive update, including vital modifications to the Critical Skills List and revisions to salary thresholds, is critical for employers and business owners to understand and adapt to, ensuring compliance and leveraging the opportunities these changes present. Stay Informed with HR-Team's Webinar on Employment Law Briefing To assist businesses in navigating these changes, HR Team offers a focused webinar on Employment Law [...]

2804, 2024

How to Attract the Right Talent in a Competitive Market?

April 28, 2024|Categories: All|

Amid the complexities of the 2024 job market, recruitment and the HR paper trail behind it have evolved. Business owners and HR professionals are grappling with an influx of applications, yet the challenge remains: how to sift through the quantity to find quality.  HR Team, a leader in providing HR consultation and recruitment services across Ireland and the UK, offers invaluable insights into attracting the right talent. It also offers a must-attend webinar on effective HR recruitment strategies. Understand the Market Dynamics The current job market is saturated, yet paradoxically, finding candidates with the right experience remains a significant hurdle. [...]

2804, 2024

Strategies for Building and Managing High-Performing Teams

April 28, 2024|Categories: All|

Managing high-performing teams is vital to long-term organisational success. These teams, characterised by their productivity, efficiency, and innovation, are the engines that drive companies forward and overcome the complexities of a modern, fast-paced world. But what truly defines a high-performance team, and how can one be cultivated and maintained?  HR Team, the fastest growing HR consultancy service operating across Northern Ireland and the UK, presents a webinar on "Managing High-Performance Teams". This session promises to unpack the essence of such teams, offering insights into their essential traits, leadership techniques, and strategies for enhancing team dynamics and collaboration. Understanding High-Performance Teams: [...]

2903, 2024

Understanding Pay Transparency and Its Importance

March 29, 2024|Categories: All, Uncategorised|

Below, we delve into the specific legislation in the UK and Ireland that underpins pay transparency, highlighting the proactive steps these countries are taking to address pay disparities and promote a more inclusive work environment.   What Is Pay Transparency? Pay transparency is a concept that has been increasingly embraced within modern HR practices, signifying a shift towards more open and equitable workplace environments. At its core, pay transparency involves openly sharing salary information and the criteria used to determine pay levels within an organisation. This can range from disclosing pay ranges for specific roles in job advertisements to more [...]

2603, 2024

How to Empower Line Managers to Motivate and Communicate With Their Teams

March 26, 2024|Categories: All|

Empowering line managers to effectively motivate and communicate with their teams is essential to creating a positive and productive work environment. Employers can significantly enhance workplace communications and overall organisational success by providing line managers—those directly responsible for supervising and managing employees at the closest level—with the right tools and techniques.  This article delves into strategies and methods that can be employed to achieve this, particularly emphasising the role of HR Team’s HR consultancy services and webinars in facilitating continuous learning and development. Understanding Line Managers’ Role The line manager's simple definition encompasses individuals bridging the gap between the workforce [...]

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