303, 2023

5 Benefits of Outsourced HR Services

March 3, 2023|Categories: All, Performance Management|

HR outsourcing refers to the transfer of management and responsibilities of certain HR functions between an employer and a third-party provider. Over the past years, there has been an increase in popularity of HR outsourcing both locally and internationally. Assume you are an online retailer. Perhaps you employ someone to keep your website and other IT infrastructure up to date. But if you want to create an app for customers, you're more likely to outsource that work than asking your employees to learn how to create an app. In the end, it requires highly specialised skills, and the stakes are [...]

303, 2023

How to Write a Redundancy Letter to Employees

March 3, 2023|Categories: All, Disciplinary and Dismissal|

Employers often have to make tough decisions. Making redundancies is one of the most difficult decisions. When making redundancies, you need to keep several things in mind. In order to avoid unfair dismissal claims and employment tribunals, you must understand the law and follow the redundancy process properly. A redundancy process carries significant risk for both unfair dismissal and discrimination claims, if the procedure is not carried out correctly. Consistency and fairness are key in the organisation’s approach. The organisation must: Have a rationale for redundancy; and Follow a fair procedure   1. Identify a potential redundancy situation A redundancy [...]

1702, 2023

What is ‘quiet quitting’ and how to manage it

February 17, 2023|Categories: All, Performance Management|

‘Quiet quitting’ is a new trending term doing the global rounds on social media and is leading to reduced productivity in the workplace. Workers are said to be ‘quiet quitting’ when they disconnect from work. Essentially, this means they show up - but do the bare minimum required. If you notice your worker’s productivity dipping, they are leaving work early, or they are no longer contributing as much to projects, they might be quiet quitting. What Can I Do If My Employee Is Quiet Quitting? If your worker still meets their contractual obligations, it can be difficult to take [...]

1702, 2023

Top 5 considerations before employing foreign nationals

February 17, 2023|Categories: All, Legislation Updates|

Top 5 considerations before employing foreign nationals Employing foreign nationals may be the solution your organisation needs to bridge a labour gap, but there are important factors you should consider before doing so. In recent years the jobs market has truly become a global market as many UK employers are hiring workers outside Great Britain and Northern Ireland. If you are considering this path, in the majority of cases, you will be seeking to employ a foreign national on a Skilled Worker Visa. Before hiring a foreign national, however, you need to be sure that you can answer yes [...]

1702, 2023

Common redundancy risks to avoid

February 17, 2023|Categories: All, Disciplinary and Dismissal|

With consumer confidence down in recent economic data, many business owners are preparing for the worst. The pandemic reduced revenues across various industries, and many business owners are struggling with increased energy costs. If your business has been affected, you are probably considering how to reduce your outgoings. Labour costs often make up a large portion of overall business costs. Reducing the cost of labour may be the best option for your business. And, despite your best efforts to avoid losing staff, you might need to make redundancies. Why Is Redundancy Risky? Even though making redundancies might be the [...]

1801, 2023

Top HR trends for 2023

January 18, 2023|Categories: All, Performance Management|

2023 will bring a new world of work. Digital transformation has been a catalyst for many companies' successes, and the relationship between employee and employer has changed. The new year is the window of opportunity for HR to reposition its value proposition in the new post-pandemic world. The role of Human Resources professionals was crucial in helping organisations navigate the economic storm that followed the pandemic, the subsequent inflation surge, and slow down. If correctly enabled, best practice HR can have a tremendous impact on organisations. We have identified the top HR trends in 2023 that we believe will help [...]

1801, 2023

How Can an Employer Prevent Discrimination in the Workplace?

January 18, 2023|Categories: All, Health and Safety, Performance Management|

Organisations and HR departments of all sizes have made it a top priority to identify and prevent workplace discrimination. This topic applies to large and small businesses and corporations with hundreds of employees. It is not just a legal requirement to prevent workplace discrimination. Still, it has direct positive and negative consequences for the wellbeing and success of your employees and your company. So, we’ll discuss workplace discrimination in detail and show you how to stop it in your company.   What Does Workplace Discrimination Mean? Workplace discrimination is when someone or a group of people are treated unfairly or [...]

1801, 2023

7 Ways HR Consulting Can be Beneficial for Your Business

January 18, 2023|Categories: All, Performance Management|

HR consulting is the provision of expert services and guidance by third party human resources professionals to solve problems and achieve organisational goals. For example, outsourced HR professionals spend each day helping companies ensure employment law compliance and avoid costly tribunals; implementing best practice for strong staff performance; identifying the best candidates; designing legally sound policies and procedures, and more. In basic terms, HR consulting benefits employers by offering the expertise in up-to-date employment law and staffing best practice that they do not have in-house. HR consulting is an essential service to help drive your organisation’s growth through legally watertight [...]

1801, 2023

What Is A Human Resources Management System and Why Do You Need One?

January 18, 2023|Categories: All, Performance Management|

If a HRMS system sounds unfamiliar, you may need to take advantage of the opportunity to digitise your human resources function and make it more efficient. HR software will allow you to automate many repetitive and tedious tasks in your department so that you can focus on the more strategic aspects of growing your organisation. Many businesses are turning to HRMS to automate essential HR tasks such as leave management, employment law compliance, the onboarding process, as well as to improve employee satisfaction, increase productivity and aid team management generally. On the other side of the coin, trying to replace [...]

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