Health & Safety
Compliance Package

Get Health & Safety Compliant
Remotely In A Few Simple Steps.

Why run the risk of unlimited fines, prison sentences, director disqualifications and reputational damage?

These are not exaggerations or scare tactics by any means – they are facts regarding health and safety legislation in Ireland.

The reality is that when organisations don’t take health and safety obligations seriously, they end up in serious trouble.

Safe Team from HR Team is on hand to ensure your peace of mind that none of those negative outcomes occur in your organisation.

Our commitment to excellence in compliance with health and safety legislation will ensure your organisation is in safe hands with Safe Team.

Safe Team is made up of health and safety specialists from a range of sectors. Our wide-ranging skillsets mean our clients’ can be assured of being assigned the right person with the right knowledge for their industry.

Safe Team’s Health and Safety Compliance packages are tailored for each organisation and sector to ensure you minimise any risk.

How Our H&S Compliance Package Works

1) You will benefit from an initial consultation with a fully qualified health and safety consultant. This consultation will be held remotely via an online meeting with you and/or your team.

2) You will receive a bespoke Safety Statement after our experts have reviewed any existing health and safety policy documentation you may have in place.

3) You will be provided with a suite of bespoke health and safety documentation templates that are relevant to your organisation and sector. Template health and safety documentation may include health and safety policies, risk assessments, method statements, and other relevant documentation, such as incident reports, COSHH assessments, and DSE assessments.

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