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Health & Safety Consultancy And Support

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Ongoing Health and Safety Support

Safe Team’s ongoing health and safety packages are designed around your organisation’s needs. Services provided as part of this ongoing support include:

• A bespoke health and safety statement to ensure your compliance with legislation.
• Access to advice from our team of fully-accredited health and safety consultants via email/telephone/online meetings.
• Updates on new legislation.
• Full review of existing health and safety documentation.
• Advice on employee inductions and documentation.
• Full suite of health and safety document templates.

Pay-As-You-Go Health & Safety Services

Safe Team provides the full range of health and safety services for businesses and organisations.
These are available on a pay-as-you-go basis for your convenience.

Fire Risk Assessment2021-06-23T17:37:40+01:00

Fire Risk Assessments must be carried out by a competent fire risk assessor, and it uses the 5 steps of risk assessment:

• Identify the fire hazards.
• Identify people at risk.
• Evaluate, remove or reduce the risks.
• Record your findings, prepare an emergency plan and provide training.
• Review and update the fire risk assessment regularly.
• Consideration Must be given to assessing:
• Emergency routes and exits
• Fire detection and warning systems
• Firefighting equipment
• The removal or safe storage of dangerous substances
• An emergency fire evacuation plan
• The needs of vulnerable people, for example the elderly, young children or those with disabilities
• Providing information to employees and other people on the premises regarding fire safety training

Fire Risk Assessment must be communicated to employees along with the emergency response plan to ensure that everyone on the premises knows what to do, not only to prevent the risk of fire, but also what to do in the event of a fire emergency. All fire training should be reviewed regularly, and records retained by the employer.

COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) Assessment2021-06-23T17:36:50+01:00

Employers must risk assess all hazards where there is potential of individuals for exposure to substances that might be hazardous to health. These include substances that may be used, handled or stored in the workplace, as well as identifying any processes that emit dust, fume, vapour, mist or gas; and skin contact with liquids, pastes and dusts.

Safety Data Sheets must be available for all substances on the premises and COSHH assessments are carried out for all tasks that use these substances. Compliance with COSHH also requires suitable and sufficient storage of substances. COSHH Awareness Training is available to clients to ensure they are compliant with COSHH.

Risk Assessment Creation and Updating2021-06-23T17:42:39+01:00

Suitable and sufficient Risk Assessments must be carried out in all working environments in order to ensure adequate controls are put in place to mitigate any risks that may be recognised from the hazards identified. There are 5 steps to risk assessment:

1. Identify the Hazards
2. Decide who can be harmed and how
3. Decide on control measures
4. Record and implement the findings
5. Decide who might be harmed and how

Risk assessments should be approved and must be communicated to employees who might be impacted. Risk assessments should be reviewed regularly, or after an incident or if there is a change in working environment or the process. Risk Assessment training should be carried out so that individuals may be competent to review current risk assessments, as well as develop any new risk assessments that may be required.

Accident Investigation2021-06-23T17:36:20+01:00

Incident reporting and investigation is a fundamental part of any health and safety management system, and there are legal obligations that must be met by employers to report specified injuries,  illnesses and diseases, as well as the recording of all first aid and medical treatments. Clients have the option to have incident management and reporting managed by experienced health and  safety professional, or training can be given to clients to manage this themselves through an appointed person, while having one of our experienced health and safety professional available to mentor and advise, as required.

On-site Health and Safety Audit2021-06-23T17:41:49+01:00

A business-specific health and safety assessment/audit is carried out by experienced health and safety professionals at your premises to assess the current status of your health and safety controls.

A formal audit of your health & safety management system is carried out against current health and safety legislation, including health and safety arrangements, emergency planning and preparedness, risk assessment, method statements and procedures, incident management, and reporting, and training.

Business-specific requirements may also be assessed, and all findings will be submitted to the client, with recommendations for any actions and timelines, in a formal Action Plan Report.

How many safety representatives must be designated?2021-06-23T17:40:17+01:00

Irish legislation details that there should be at least one safety representative designated. This may increase in larger organisations, relative to the number of employees.

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