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When it comes to the minefield of employment legislation, employers want, above all else, to ensure that they are protected. Our team provides you with the reassurance to call upon any expertise needed to handle any people management situation.

At HR Team, we are dedicated to providing peace of mind for our clients. Our outsourced HR support minimises risk and maximises team performance – driving organisations of all sizes to excel.

Our clients also experience significant savings in time and money because they have access to the right consultant, with the right expertise, right when they need us.

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Ongoing HR Consultancy & Support

HR Team offers tailored packages with cross-border consultancy services across three jurisdictions: the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

Experience has shown us that one size does not fit all in HR and employment law services. Our consultants design bespoke solutions for each client’s individual needs.

As a monthly client, you will have full access to consultancy advice anytime with additional benefits, workshops, training and more.

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Pay as you go

Pay As You Go HR

Unlike many other HR companies, the HR Team provides month-on-month contracts to give you ultimate flexibility. Our pay-as-you-go packages enable you to get the specialist HR advice, support, or training you need without any long-term contract commitments.

Our range of services include:

Performance Management

Performance management is the day to day management and motivation of employees and an essential daily task.

HR Team’s specialist performance management support puts in place people management strategies that drive business success. Our unique framework, The B.E.T system, focuses on a clear three-step process and provides much-needed structure to the performance management process.

This system is based on years of performance management research and experience, and has proven to be fundamental to our clients’ management success.

HR Services Ireland

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