303, 2023

How to Write a Redundancy Letter to Employees

March 3, 2023|Categories: All, Disciplinary and Dismissal|

Employers often have to make tough decisions. Making redundancies is one of the most difficult decisions. When making redundancies, you need to keep several things in mind. In order to avoid unfair dismissal claims and employment tribunals, you must understand the law and follow the redundancy process properly. A redundancy process carries significant risk for both unfair dismissal and discrimination claims, if the procedure is not carried out correctly. Consistency and fairness are key in the organisation’s approach. The organisation must: Have a rationale for redundancy; and Follow a fair procedure   1. Identify a potential redundancy situation A redundancy [...]

1702, 2023

Common redundancy risks to avoid

February 17, 2023|Categories: All, Disciplinary and Dismissal|

With consumer confidence down in recent economic data, many business owners are preparing for the worst. The pandemic reduced revenues across various industries, and many business owners are struggling with increased energy costs. If your business has been affected, you are probably considering how to reduce your outgoings. Labour costs often make up a large portion of overall business costs. Reducing the cost of labour may be the best option for your business. And, despite your best efforts to avoid losing staff, you might need to make redundancies. Why Is Redundancy Risky? Why Is Redundancy Risky? Even though [...]

409, 2021

What Is The Grievance Procedure And How Employers Can Manage This Appropriately

September 4, 2021|Categories: All, Disciplinary and Dismissal|

The grievance procedure occurs when your employee has a concern or issue that has not been resolved informally. The employee may escalate this issue and make a formal grievance complaint. Businesses must have a written grievance procedure in place and share it with all employees. This must say how the process works and how long it takes. When an employee raises a formal grievance, their employer should follow a standard procedure. Grievances typically cover the following areas: • Raising the issue informally has not been effective, or the matter dealt with cannot be dealt with informally. • Pay and working conditions. • Terms of employment and workplace [...]

3009, 2020

Lay-offs imminent as employers face new lockdowns

September 30, 2020|Categories: All, Disciplinary and Dismissal|

In light of the fresh lockdowns imposed in Dublin and Donegal, and with many other counties on the verge of following suit, a leading HR adviser says many employers will be forced to make temporary lay-offs and even redundancies. HR Team Director, Breda Cullen, said: “Many businesses are now having to think on their feet to ensuring they survive through these ongoing turbulent times. “Employers are having to consider repeat lay-offs while others are facing the prospect of redundancies, particularly in the hospitality industry. In other sectors, businesses are returning to a working from home arrangement, which comes with its [...]

707, 2020

Alternatives to redundancy for employers

July 7, 2020|Categories: All, Disciplinary and Dismissal|

As restrictions for businesses continue to ease, many business owners may be considering how feasible it is to maintain the number of staff they employed prior to the Covid-19 crisis. With restrictions still in place and losses to recoup – many businesses will find it difficult to take up where they left off before lockdown commenced. As economic activity is likely to recover slowly, organisations will have to carefully assess their cost of business. The number of people employed is likely to form a large part of that decision-making process. While redundancies are unfortunately likely to be made, there are [...]

1303, 2020

Can you send an employee home for having a hangover? 

March 13, 2020|Categories: Absence Management, All, Disciplinary and Dismissal, Performance Management|

As St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, your employees may be hungover or drunk at work. The St. Patrick’s Day parades are cancelled, but staff may still be worse for wear the following morning. What are your rights when dealing with this matter? Problems with workplace hangovers Lower productivity. Reduced workplace morale. Customer service is of a lower standard. Co-ordination, attention span and reaction speed is slowed. Employee suspension or termination. How do you manage an employee that is over the limit at work? HR Team Director, Breda Cullen, says: “It is recommended to have a witness [...]

1003, 2020

Irish employers forced to lay off staff as Coronavirus cases increase 

March 10, 2020|Categories: All, Disciplinary and Dismissal|

Business owners in Ireland and other countries are beginning to feel the economic impact of the spread of coronavirus. The rise in the number of confirmed cases has seen the stock market plummet. Its impact on the tourism industry and the slowdown in production in China has hit many Irish businesses hard. HR Team partner with one local company who have had to put 50 employees on temporary leave until May because 80% of their business comes from Asia. More companies will be faced with having to lay off employees. However, it is important that employers are aware of the [...]

1003, 2020

Employers to cut staffing as St Patrick’s Day parades axed

March 10, 2020|Categories: All, Disciplinary and Dismissal|

Employers are moving to cut staffing levels following the cancellation of St Patrick’s Day parades around Ireland, says a leading employment law advice consultant. The five days of events nationwide was projected to generate more than €73 million in revenue in the Republic of Ireland. Around half a million people attended events last year, with thousands traveling from overseas during the key week for the Irish tourism industry. HR Team Director, Martina McAuley, says employers are moving to safeguard their businesses in light of the blow: “As a result of the St Patrick’s Day parade cancellations employers are considering whether [...]

2611, 2019

Employers should act to avoid Christmas party sexual harassment claims

November 26, 2019|Categories: All, Disciplinary and Dismissal|

Employers should act now to minimise the risk of sexual harassment issues at this year’s Christmas work party, says HR Team Director, Breda Cullen. Ms Cullen is advising employers to ensure employees are made fully aware of the policies and procedures regarding behaviour at the annual Christmas work celebrations. Her followed the Irish Congress of Trade Union's publication of a survey which found 20% of reports of sexual harassment arose from work-related social events. The survey further found Christmas work parties were the most common ‘off-site location’ sexual harassment at work. Ms Cullen told Irish media: “The findings of the [...]

2411, 2015

Avoid jingle hell at staff Christmas party

November 24, 2015|Categories: All, Disciplinary and Dismissal, Legislation Updates|Tags: , , |

Tis the season to be careful - especially when hosting the Christmas staff party. Santa Clause may very well be coming to town but it’s important for employers to remember that tribunals are often tasked to rule on whose been ‘naughty or nice’ at the office Christmas do. AVOIDING EMPLOYMENT LAW ISSUES AT CHRISTMAS To avoid employment law issues it is vital that each and every Christmas reveller attending festive celebrations hosted by employers is made fully aware of the policies and procedures governing their behaviour. Employers should take steps to ensure they are up to date on what their [...]

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