409, 2021

What Is The Grievance Procedure And How Employers Can Manage This Appropriately

September 4, 2021|Categories: Disciplinary and Dismissal, Disciplinary and Dismissal, Disciplinary and Dismissal, Disciplinary and Dismissal, Disciplinary and Dismissal|

The grievance procedure occurs when your employee has a concern or issue that has not been resolved informally. The employee may escalate this issue and make a formal grievance complaint. Businesses must have a written grievance procedure in place and share it with all employees. This must say how the process works and how long it takes. When an employee raises a formal grievance, their employer should follow a standard procedure. Grievances typically cover the following areas: • Raising the issue informally has not been effective, or the matter dealt with cannot be dealt with informally. • Pay and working conditions. • Terms of employment and workplace [...]

1303, 2020

Can you send an employee home for having a hangover? 

March 13, 2020|Categories: Absence Management, All, All, All, All, Performance Management|

As St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, your employees may be hungover or drunk at work. The St. Patrick’s Day parades are cancelled, but staff may still be worse for wear the following morning. What are your rights when dealing with this matter? Problems with workplace hangovers Lower productivity. Reduced workplace morale. Customer service is of a lower standard. Co-ordination, attention span and reaction speed is slowed. Employee suspension or termination. How do you manage an employee that is over the limit at work? HR Team Director, Breda Cullen, says: “It is recommended to have a witness [...]

2205, 2017

Social Media in the Workplace: Ruling underlines need for robust policy

May 22, 2017|Categories: Legislation Updates, Performance Management|

Employers who allow social media users to go unchecked in the workplace by having no clear and robust policy in place are simply asking for trouble. A ruling upholding the dismissal of a long-serving employee over inappropriate social media use underlines the essential need for clear workplace policy in this area. In the recent case of Plant v API Microelectronics Ltd, an employment tribunal rejected the employee's appeal that her dismissal had been unfair. Mrs Plant had been employed by the firm for 17 years and there had been no previous disciplinary issues during her lengthy employment. In 2015 API [...]

2004, 2017

Employer caution urged after study reveals obese pull more sickies

April 20, 2017|Categories: Absence Management|

Employers are being warned not to be influenced by new findings that obese employees are more likely to take sick leave. Human resources and employment law experts at HR Team are advising employers not to lose sight of employment legislation following the publication of a report that states overweight people are more likely to take sick leave. Spanish researchers have found that overweight and obese people are also more likely to suffer an occupational injury. The ICARIA study investigated the health and number of sick days taken by 174, 000 employees. But although the findings are backed by science, employers [...]

2411, 2015

Avoid jingle hell at staff Christmas party

November 24, 2015|Categories: All, Legislation Updates|Tags: , , |

Tis the season to be careful - especially when hosting the Christmas staff party. Santa Clause may very well be coming to town but it’s important for employers to remember that tribunals are often tasked to rule on whose been ‘naughty or nice’ at the office Christmas do. AVOIDING EMPLOYMENT LAW ISSUES AT CHRISTMAS To avoid employment law issues it is vital that each and every Christmas reveller attending festive celebrations hosted by employers is made fully aware of the policies and procedures governing their behaviour. Employers should take steps to ensure they are up to date on what their [...]

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