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Performance management is the day to day management and motivation of employees. Managers that are highly skilled in managing people increase productivity and decrease employment-related issues such as grievances. Performance management is frequently confused with the performance appraisal process. Performance management is much more than an annual appraisal – it is an essential daily task.

Employees are often the most expensive overhead incurred by employers. Therefore, it is fundamental that your employees perform to a high standard to ensure productivity is maximised throughout your business.

The most common challenge for employers is dealing with under-performing staff, which can be very costly to businesses. HR Team’s performance management process provides managers with the tools and guidance to effectively manage the performance of their teams whilst remaining legally compliant.

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Performance Management:
Best Techniques And Examples

HR Team’s specialist performance management support puts in place people management strategies that drive business success. We have devised a bespoke system for our clients which is based on years of experience in people management. The B.E.T system focuses on a clear three-step process and provides much needed structure to the performance management process.

In most cases, when it comes to underperforming employees, the accountability for underperformance can be directed at managers and their lack of communication with staff. Many employees are currently working remotely. Safety measures have been heightened to mitigate the risks of Covid-19 and there has been an increase in workplace stress. It is critical now more than ever that employers implement a strategic approach to managing employees.

Written communication is vitally important in every operation, but in the absence of face to face briefings the message can be less effective and often get forgotten or lost.

HR Team’s recommended best practice is to ensure that staff are communicated with frequently to exceed your organisation’s basic standards, expectations and targets – or what HR Team calls ‘The BET system’. This system clearly outlines how to achieve efficiency and performance in your workforce.

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Step 1: Basic Standards For Employees

An organisation’s basic standards must be clearly outlined and are non-negotiable. These standards may include matters such as timekeeping, social media use, code of conduct, sickness protocols, employee presentation/appearance, etc. HR Team provides you with the tools on how to implement basic standards with your team and establish a structured code of conduct. Basic standards are reinforced by effective communication with regular face to face briefings with your team. Basic standards are key as the first step of the BET system, as they eliminate minor issues, allowing managers to focus on steps 2 and 3.

Step 2: Expectations For Employees

Job descriptions outline clear roles and responsibilities for employees. These expectations must be communicated clearly to ensure that every employee understands what is expected and required of them in the organisation. HR Team focuses on providing effective feedback and on training managers on how to deal with difficult discussions.

Expectations For Employees
setting performance targets for employees

Step 3: Targets For Employees

A lack of clearly defined goals or key performance indicators (KPI’s) can severely affect your organisation. In the final step, HR Team focuses on the importance of setting measurable targets and objectives for your team to increase productivity. Our experts will provide you with the guidance and tools to set these objectives while remaining legally compliant.

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