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Specialist Health & Safety Support for Employers

Why Choose Safe Team?

Safe Team will work proactively to ensure your specific health and safety requirements are extensively met.

Our experienced safety professionals provide practical advice to ensure legislative compliance to prevent accidents, keep your employees safe and protect your business from costly tribunals.

Why Choose Safe Team

Health & Safety Services Benefits

Our Services

Health And Safety Compliance Package

You will benefit from an initial consultation with a fully qualified health and safety consultant. You will receive a bespoke safety statement after our experts have reviewed any existing policy documentation you may have in place. This package provides the full scope of services for your business, including:

  • Bespoke safety training that is relevant to your company’s needs.
  • Cost-effective management for all your health and safety requirements.
  • Access to bespoke health and safety documentation templates such as health and safety policies, risk assessments, method statements and more.
Health And Safety Compliance Package
Covid-19 Health And Safety Compliance Package

Covid-19 Health And Safety Compliance Package

According to the Government’s ‘Return to Work Safely Protocol’, all workplaces must develop a response plan risk assessment and train all staff. Safe Team will provide your legally required Covid-19 induction training, including:

  • The latest up-to-date advice and guidance on public health.
  • Details of how the workplace is organised to address the risk from Covid-19.
  • An outline of the Covid-19 response plan.
  • Any other sector-specific advice that is relevant to your organisation.

Pay-As-You-Go Health And Safety Consultancy And Support

Safe Team services are available on a pay-as-you-go basis to allow you to benefit from our knowledge and experience as and when required.

This enables you to guarantee control of your consultancy requirements for the long term, and with flexible delivery by a team you know and trust. Services provided as part of this ongoing support include:

  • A bespoke health and safety statement to ensure your compliance with legislation.
  • Access to our team’s advice of fully-accredited health and safety consultants via email/telephone/online meetings.
  • Updates on new legislation with health and safety document templates.
  • And more.
Health And Safety Webinars

Health And Safety Webinars – Online Health And Safety Training

These 90-minute webinars are practical, detailed, and in-depth online training sessions delivered by health and safety experts. Attendees will get a detailed overview of the topic in question, including the related legislation, employer obligations and practical examples.

Webinar topics include COSHH, risk assessments, manual handling and more. Participants will be able to ask live questions and will also benefit from our essential toolkit – including invaluable templates related to the specific topic featured in the training seminar.

Our range of services include:

Performance Management

Performance management is the day to day management and motivation of employees and an essential daily task.

HR Team’s specialist performance management support puts in place people management strategies that drive business success. Our unique framework, The B.E.T system, focuses on a clear three-step process and provides much-needed structure to the performance management process.

This system is based on years of performance management research and experience, and has proven to be fundamental to our clients’ management success.

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