2107, 2022

Hybrid Working Continues To Increase In Popularity 

July 21, 2022|Categories: All, Performance Management|

A recent survey by Acas highlights that hybrid working continues to be popular amongst employees, showing that 60% of employers have seen an increase in hybrid working for staff compared to before the Covid-19 pandemic. The conciliation and arbitration body commissioned YouGov to ask British businesses about changes to working practices that they have seen compared to before the pandemic. Not only did this highlight the rise in hybrid working, but the poll also found that more than half of employers (52%) have seen an increase in staff working from home full-time. HR Team co-director, Breda Cullen, said: “Many businesses [...]

2007, 2022

Employers Consider Reducing Pay For Remote Workers

July 20, 2022|Categories: All, Performance Management|

A survey carried out by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has revealed that 10% of companies plan on reducing pay or benefits for home workers. The survey found that 4% of businesses have already reduced pay or benefits for people who continue to work from home, and a further 13% are on the verge of doing so. This follows recent reports that a London-based law firm employees have been given the option to work from home full-time in return for a 20% reduction in pay.  The firm that recruited lawyers who lived outside of London as additional [...]

2804, 2022

Wellness At Work Will Boost Performance And Productivity

April 28, 2022|Categories: All, Performance Management|

National Workplace Wellbeing Day will take place on April 29, 2022. Building a sustainable, long-term approach to health and wellbeing has never been so important, as the world of work continues to evolve following the Covid-19 crisis. The pandemic highlighted the importance of mental health for employers and employees alike. However, even pre-pandemic research identified that employee mental health problems were costing UK businesses between £33 billion and £42 billion a year, and a huge £100 billion for the economy overall. What Is Employee Wellbeing? Many employers only focus on employees’ health benefits when it comes to employee wellbeing. However, [...]

2903, 2022

Neurodiversity In The Workplace

March 29, 2022|Categories: All, Performance Management|

In light of autism acceptance week from March 28 until April 3, HR Team will be discussing neurodiversity in the workplace. What Is Neurodiversity? Neurodiverse individuals are those with developmental disabilities such as autism, ADHD and social anxiety disorders. However, there’s a growing understanding that these individuals aren’t disabled per se, but rather differently-abled. Neurodiversity refers to the different ways we think. Most people are neurotypical. In other words, they process information in a similar way and as society expects. With neurodivergent people, the brain functions, learns and processes information differently. Most people experience neurodivergence along a ‘spectrum’ of characteristics, and [...]

2001, 2022

Managing The Probationary Period

January 20, 2022|Categories: All, Performance Management|

Probationary periods are included as a standard practice in most employment contracts. This is frequently provided for in employment contracts to allow for a trial period in which an employer can evaluate an employee’s suitability and performance. However, probationary periods are not without pitfalls, and dismissal can carry many legal risks during this trial period. Employment contracts that do not contain a probation disclaimer could cause problems for the employer if recruitment is not successful. The Legality Of Probationary Periods Firstly, it is worth noting that although you are not legally obliged to include probationary periods for all new recruits, [...]

1211, 2020

Helping Employees Overcome The 5 Challenges of Lockdown

November 12, 2020|Categories: All, Performance Management|

Many businesses are now having to think on their feet to ensure survival during lockdown and beyond, and HR Team’s experts are on-hand with commercially focused advice on how to make the right decisions. Director, Breda Cullen, says HR Team’s consultants are making a number of recommendations on how to implement the various options available to employers faced with very difficult decisions at this time. The key employment challenges in lockdown 1. Adhering to the latest government guidelines and restrictions in Ireland 2. Making temporary lay-offs or introducing short-time working 3. Considering redundancies 4. Homeworking Employers have a number of [...]

2107, 2020

Return to work protocols for Irish businesses

July 21, 2020|Categories: All, Performance Management|

As we approach the fourth and final phase of the lockdown many more businesses will be reopening. But how much responsibility do employers hold? For businesses that have already reopened, the new ‘normal’ is very different. New return to work protocols and practices such as regular cleaning, physical distancing and, if necessary, the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must be implemented. What are the mandatory and recommended workplace measures? Face masks in the workplace The use and supply of face masks in the workplace is not a mandatory measure. However, it’s important to assess your own workplace with measures [...]

707, 2020

Why outsourcing HR is better for your business

July 7, 2020|Categories: All, Performance Management|

Ongoing HR support for employers removes the headache caused by staffing-related issues and provides peace of mind regarding employment law compliance.  Outsourcing HR is usually more cost effective than employing full-time, salaried employees. The national average in the UK for a HR manager salary is £43,000 and €51,459 per year in Ireland. Would you rather pay this or avail of HR Team’s fully-outsourced HR management service. There is no obligation to sign up to lengthy contracts – clients can choose a fixed monthly fee or a pay as you go option, allowing you to benefit from our knowledge and experience [...]

2106, 2020

The six step process to providing constructive criticism   

June 21, 2020|Categories: All, Performance Management|

Managing employee performance can be the most challenging aspect of your job as a business owner or manager. A large part of successful performance management revolves around clear communication and the provision of regular feedback to employees - in fact these are vital to the continued efficiency and performance of your team(s) and your overall organisation. HR Team director, Martina McAuley, advises the best approach when addressing an employee’s underperformance:  “The best approach is referred to as a ‘positive sandwich’. Begin with positive feedback, feed in with addressing the negative issue at hand and finish with a positive statement. This [...]

2106, 2020

Managing an underperforming employee in the workplace

June 21, 2020|Categories: All, Performance Management|

Although the world has changed, the importance of performance management hasn’t. Your overall strategy and team goals need to be set and communicated, and performance progress still needs to be measured.  HR Team Director, Martina McAuley, says: “Good performance management is built on clearly setting expectations, ensuring employee accountability and providing regular feedback to staff. Communication is key – daily team briefings, regular management meetings and one to one meetings with employees should be implemented.  “Establishing an employee’s skill or will; the establishment of basic standards, expectations and targets (BET); adopting appropriate management style and clear communication are the four [...]

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