2107, 2022

Hybrid Working Continues To Increase In Popularity 

July 21, 2022|Categories: Performance Management, Performance Management, Performance Management, Performance Management, Performance Management, Performance Management|

A recent survey by Acas highlights that hybrid working continues to be popular amongst employees, showing that 60% of employers have seen an increase in hybrid working for staff compared to before the Covid-19 pandemic. The conciliation and arbitration body commissioned YouGov to ask British businesses about changes to working practices that they have seen compared to before the pandemic. Not only did this highlight the rise in hybrid working, but the poll also found that more than half of employers (52%) have seen an increase in staff working from home full-time. HR Team co-director, Breda Cullen, said: “Many businesses [...]

2106, 2020

The six step process to providing constructive criticism   

June 21, 2020|Categories: Uncategorized|

Managing employee performance can be the most challenging aspect of your job as a business owner or manager. A large part of successful performance management revolves around clear communication and the provision of regular feedback to employees - in fact these are vital to the continued efficiency and performance of your team(s) and your overall organisation. HR Team director, Martina McAuley, advises the best approach when addressing an employee’s underperformance:  “The best approach is referred to as a ‘positive sandwich’. Begin with positive feedback, feed in with addressing the negative issue at hand and finish with a positive statement. This [...]

1303, 2020

Can you send an employee home for having a hangover? 

March 13, 2020|Categories: Absence Management, Disciplinary and Dismissal|

As St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, your employees may be hungover or drunk at work. The St. Patrick’s Day parades are cancelled, but staff may still be worse for wear the following morning. What are your rights when dealing with this matter? Problems with workplace hangovers Lower productivity. Reduced workplace morale. Customer service is of a lower standard. Co-ordination, attention span and reaction speed is slowed. Employee suspension or termination. How do you manage an employee that is over the limit at work? HR Team Director, Breda Cullen, says: “It is recommended to have a witness [...]

1005, 2016

How employers can avoid summer holiday headache

May 10, 2016|Categories: All|Tags: , |

  Summer has arrived and with it comes the balancing act for employers of addressing a mountain of employee requests for annual leave.   In a perfect world everyone could be granted annual leave to soak up the only few days of summer sunshine we’re likely to get. However, in most cases those summer periods when the kids are off school and sun has got its hat on, it’s business as usual for employers. That means that unless there is a mid-summer forced closure period of the organisation, there’s no way that every staff member can take annual leave at the same time. [...]

1612, 2015

Jose Mourinho’s seasonus horribilis management style to be avoided

December 16, 2015|Categories: Uncategorized|Tags: , , , , |

It may make for riveting viewing but when it comes to managing poor staff performance employers should steer clear of the soap opera style of leadership employed by Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho. The fiery Portuguese’s most recent public lambasting of Chelsea’s under performing playing staff ticks all the wrong boxes when it comes to good performance management. I’m not for one minute suggesting that the ‘Special One’ isn’t a great football manager – his silverware haul over the last decade has certainly cemented his place among the world’s best. I’m also aware that this is not the first occasion that the Chelsea [...]

809, 2015

KPIs matter when running a business or a race

September 8, 2015|Categories: All, All, All, All|Tags: , |

HR Team was out in force to cheer on Managing Partner Breda Cullen as she took on the Waterside Half Marathon, posting an impressive personal best. Not only did Breda eat up the scenic Derry-Londonderry run course much quicker than last year, she completed the 13.2 mile run almost 13 minutes faster than she did in 2014. It will come as no surprise that Breda didn’t simply turn up on the day to see what happens. Unfortunately for everyone who strives to achieve personal bests in sport that’s not the way it works. To achieve such improvements in performance - whether [...]

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