310, 2022

Common redundancy risks to avoid

October 3, 2022|All|

With consumer confidence down in recent economic data, many business owners are preparing for the worst.The pandemic reduced revenues across various industries, and many business owners are struggling with increased energy costs. If your business has been affected, you are probably considering how to reduce [...]

310, 2022

Top 5 considerations before employing foreign nationals

October 3, 2022|All|

Top 5 considerations before employing foreign nationalsEmploying foreign nationals may be the solution your organisation needs to bridge a labour gap, but there are important factors you should consider before doing so.In recent years the jobs market has truly become a global market as many [...]

310, 2022

What is ‘quiet quitting’ and how to manage it

October 3, 2022|All|

‘Quiet quitting’ is a new trending term doing the global rounds on social media and is leading to reduced productivity in the workplace.Workers are said to be ‘quiet quitting’ when they disconnect from work. Essentially, this means they show up - but do the bare [...]

2903, 2022

Neurodiversity In The Workplace

March 29, 2022|All, Performance Management|

In light of autism acceptance week from March 28 until April 3, HR Team will be discussing neurodiversity in the workplace. What Is Neurodiversity? Neurodiverse individuals are those with developmental disabilities such as autism, ADHD and social anxiety disorders. However, there’s a growing understanding that [...]


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