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Mental Health and Wellbeing of Employees


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The pandemic has shone a spotlight on the topic of mental health for employers and employees, alike. Many of us have experienced, first-hand how living with high levels of uncertainty, constant change and traumatic events can lead to feelings of anxiety, stress, depression and other mental health problems. As well as dealing with issues in their personal lives, employees have also had to cope with massive changes in the workplace, including being furloughed, working from home for long periods, or having to work longer shifts to cover for absent team members. All of these experiences are likely to have taken their toll on the mental health and wellbeing of our workforce.

Even before the pandemic, there had been a growing awareness amongst employers of the organisational costs of poor employee mental health. Pre-pandemic research identified that employee mental health problems were costing UK businesses between £33 billion and £42 billion a year and the economy overall, a huge £100 billion.

Whilst the full repercussions of the pandemic on the mental health of the workforce are, unfortunately, yet to be realized, it is clear that employers should make tackling mental health at work a strategic priority.

Whilst an increase in awareness amongst employers is welcome, it is not enough on its own. Many business owners and managers still don’t have a good understanding of the causes of mental health problems or feel confident enough to have conversations with employees about their mental health. They are also often not clear on the types of organisational interventions that can have the most positive impact on their employees’ wellbeing.

This webinar will provide an overview of mental health problems and how the workplace can reduce or exacerbate their impact. It will also offer some practical ways in which employers can support the mental health and wellbeing of their workforce.

Webinar overview

  • What is good mental health?
  • The facts about mental health at work and in society pre- and post-COVID
  • Mental health and stigma
  • Overview of mental health conditions, with a focus on stress, anxiety and depression
  • Recognising the signs that someone may be struggling with a mental health problem
  • How to have conversations with your staff about mental health
  • Strategies for managing employee mental health and wellbeing

What will you learn from the webinar?

This webinar will equip managers and leaders to recognise and respond supportively to staff experiencing mental health challenges in the workplace. You will also gain an insight into how to effect change at an organizational level, in order to improve the overall wellbeing and engagement levels of your workforce, which will bring additional success to your business.

After attending, participants will be able to:

  • Link employee mental health and wellbeing to productivity and business success
  • Recognise signs of mental wellbeing and mental distress in the workplace.
  • Understand what people with mental health challenges are experiencing.
  • Know how to provide appropriate support to staff experiencing mental distress.
  • Be aware of the steps employers can take to manage and improve wellbeing in the workplace


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