Minimum wage increases from April 6

April’s increase to the UK National Minimum Wage will put employers under pressure, but must be adhered to in order to stay within the law, says HR Team’s Breda Cullen.

The Government’s National Living Wage (statutory minimum wage) will rise to £8.21 per hour from April 6, 2019 for workers aged 25 and over.

For workers aged 21 to 24, the statutory minimum hourly rate increases to £7.70 while workers aged 18 to 20 will be legally entitled to £6.15 per hour from April 6.

Workers under 18 years old, who not fall into the compulsory school-age bracket, will have a minimum wage requirement of £4.35 per hour while apprentices will be legally entitled to a minimum of £3.90.

It is important that all employers ensure that workers are paid at least the minimum wage that applies to them. It is also important for employers to keep clear records which prove they have complied with the national minimum wage requirements.

HR Team’s Breda Cullen says the hike is putting pressure on many employers, particularly those in sectors with large numbers of low-skilled workers.

“While it’s welcome news for low-paid workers, the increase of almost 5% in the statutory minimum wage from £7.83 to £8.21 will heap further pressure on employers in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

“The need to maintain differentials across workforces is where the real pain will be for employers – many of whom are already facing difficult conditions in light of Brexit uncertainty.”

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