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Ongoing HR support for employers removes the headache caused by staffing-related issues and provides peace of mind regarding employment law compliance. 

Outsourcing HR is usually more cost effective than employing full-time, salaried employees. The national average in the UK for a HR manager salary is £43,000 and €51,459 per year in Ireland.

Would you rather pay this or avail of HR Team’s fully-outsourced HR management service. There is no obligation to sign up to lengthy contracts – clients can choose a fixed monthly fee or a pay as you go option, allowing you to benefit from our knowledge and experience as and when required.


What does HR involve?

HR consultants perform a large variety of tasks – including employment law compliance, performance management, the creation/updating of employee contracts and company handbooks, managing recruitment and selection, absence management, managing disciplinary and grievance procedures, overseeing redundancies and much more.

Every business needs to manage HR, however business owners may not have the time and resources to do so. Outsourcing HR can be a flexible and cost-effective solution, here’s why:

Benefits of outsourcing HR

  • Reduced cost.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Improved management information.
  • Access to HR expertise and best practice.
  • Increased flexibility and speed of response.
  • Employment law compliance.
  • Reduced staff turnover.

Questions to ask yourself before outsourcing HR:

  1. Do I have a high staff turnover rate?
  2. Are my staff records up to date and stored properly?
  3. Do my employees have a staff handbook and do all employees have access to it?
  4. Do I need help with staff recruitment and retention?
  5. Is a performance review process in place?

Don’t leave your business vulnerable to costly litigation issues or breaches of employment law.

Outsourcing HR ensures that your staff are in good hands and are being handled lawfully and appropriately – let the experts do it for you. Contact our team today:

Ireland: +353 1 695 0749; UK: +44 2871 271882.

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