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HR consulting is the provision of expert services and guidance by third party human resources professionals to solve problems and achieve organisational goals. For example, outsourced HR professionals spend each day helping companies ensure employment law compliance and avoid costly tribunals; implementing best practice for strong staff performance; identifying the best candidates; designing legally sound policies and procedures, and more.

In basic terms, HR consulting benefits employers by offering the expertise in up-to-date employment law and staffing best practice that they do not have in-house. HR consulting is an essential service to help drive your organisation’s growth through legally watertight and proactive people management. So, what exactly is HR consulting?


What Is HR Consulting?

HR consulting is an outsourced professional service that provides specialist assistance and expert guidance in all aspects of legally compliant people and performance management to maximise organisational performance.

HR consultants identify problems and opportunities and recommend changes. They create and implement legally-sound policies and procedures to address business requirements. They improve HR processes and implement best practices. They also work to increase employee engagement, performance and morale to minimise staff turnover.

Some of the more outstanding HR consulting services include:

  • Ensuring full employment law compliance
  • Designing and implementing performance management processes
  • Creating/updating of employee contracts and company handbooks
  • Managing recruitment and selection
  • Absence management
  • Managing disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Overseeing redundancy processes
  • Onboarding, recruitment, and orientation design
  • Process review, design, and performance
  • Organisational design

Human resource consulting is available to help you find the right insurance and benefits providers. HR Consulting’s goals are to provide leadership and guidance in human resource management and offer support by creating processes and policies to improve productivity, efficiency and employee morale.


1. Compliance

A key role of any HR consulting company is to ensure that your organisation complies with all employment legislation. You will avoid costly tribunals and other legal problems by strictly adhering to employment laws in your jurisdiction.

If you are expanding your business into the UK or Ireland from elsewhere in the world, a locally-based HR consulting firm will be very valuable in helping you to navigate safely through the ever-evolving employment legislation to avoid risk to your organisation.


2. Advice and Expertise

Experienced HR experts can offer a fresh perspective on your business’s potential growth.

They can help you identify ways your business model could be more efficient and areas that business owners and managers can improve on. Because they have worked with many companies that have the same experience as yours, they can offer a lot of valuable insight.

Advice and expertise on the whole range of issues that can arise in an employment lifecycle will not only save you money in the long run by improving team performance and minimising risk of fines for non-compliance; and time by eliminating guesswork and potential poor decisions; but also help boost the overall performance in your organisation.


3. Development and Education

HR consultants will work together with management to help you create new training sessions for your employees. High quality onboarding and training are crucial when you hire new employees, as it ensures that they can get up to speed on the requirements of their role quickly.

They learn about the company’s values and objectives and become proficient in their roles much more efficiently. This allows new employees to add even more value to the company. Further development of employees will be guided by HR professionals to help fill any skills gaps help them reach their full potential.


4. Managing Performance

Finding the right HR consulting firm can remove the guesswork of how to manage your employees’ performance well. Outsourced HR professionals can help you develop a process to evaluate the current and past performance of all your employees, and devise and implement a sound roadmap to achieve the highest levels of performance and productivity.

Good performance management will also make it easy to identify and reward your high performance employees. This further helps you to motivate your employees to be at their best. It also assists employees in identifying areas where they can improve. Good performance management encourages employees constructively and positively while avoiding non-compliance risks.


5. Litigation Assistance

A professional HR consultant can help you solve any employee-related problem, whether formal or informal. They will fully investigate the complaint to ensure there are no unfair employment practices.

In addition, because they can act as mediators in employment litigation cases, HR consultants are a great way to save money.


6. Strategy Development

Another component of an excellent HR consultant is the ability to develop a strategy for the best use of your company’s human resources. An HR consultant can help your company grow by providing expert knowledge and expertise to your HR department on organisational structure, succession planning, workforce planning and much more.

This is particularly beneficial for smaller business owners with ambitious plans to grow their businesses.


7. Recruitment

Human resources consultants know that recruiting and hiring employees is a time-consuming, expensive and potentially risky process. Therefore, they aim to make the process as efficient as possible and as cost-effective as is feasible, as well as ensuring employment legislation compliance.

In particular, in order to avoid non-compliance risks, it is important to follow a careful process devised by your HR consultants – from advertising the role, to screening, to candidate selection, onboarding, and more.

How these employees perform will determine the future success of your company, so it is important that your process is designed to get the best possible fits for your vacant roles.


Final Words

Your organisation can benefit from outsourced HR consulting from experts such as HR Team. Whether your organisation has an inhouse HR function or not, getting the latest up-to-date advice and guidance from experienced professionals will add value in helping your business grow.

If you want to know more about HR consultancy, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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