What Is The Grievance Procedure And How Employers Can Manage This Appropriately

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The grievance procedure occurs when your employee has a concern or issue that has not been resolved informally. The employee may escalate this issue and make a formal grievance complaint. Businesses must have a written grievance procedure in place and share it with all employees. This must say how the process works and how long it takes.

When an employee raises a formal grievance, their employer should follow a standard procedure. Grievances typically cover the following areas:

• Raising the issue informally has not been effective, or the matter dealt with cannot be dealt with informally.
• Pay and working conditions.
• Terms of employment and workplace rules.
• Disagreements with co-workers.
• Allegations of unfair treatment at work.

The grievance process

HR Team director, Breda Cullen, said: “Employers must apply appropriate practices when managing any grievance situation. Management within organisations should ensure that any grievance procedure adopted must be rational and fair. The process should comply with employment law guidelines to ensure best HR practices.

“Having a reasonable grievance procedure in the workplace can encourage a thorough, speedy, and satisfactory resolution to any issues highlighted by an employee in the early stages – helping to avoid potential tribunals that could be costly and lengthy.”

5 Advantages Of Following The Grievance Procedure:

1. To enable the employee to express their grievance and clarify the nature of the situation.
2. To investigate the reasons for the complaint.
3. To obtain, where possible, a quick resolution to the issue.
4. To take appropriate actions and maintain legal compliance.
5. To inform the employee of their right to take the grievance to the next stage of the
procedure, in the event of an unsuccessful resolution.

Do you know how to conduct a formal grievance procedure legally? Organisations must treat employee grievances unbiasedly and ensure that managers are familiar with the grievance procedure. Take a look at HR Team’s content regarding this topic.

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