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With the new year just around the corner, organisations in the UK and Ireland are facing a dynamic landscape of employment laws and regulations. Keeping up with these changes and ensuring legal compliance has never been more critical. At HR Team, we understand the challenges that organisations like yours face. That’s why our expert team is here to not only help you navigate the ever-evolving employment law landscape but also to ensure your organisation is legally compliant, armed with bespoke documentation tailored to your unique needs.


Our Unbeatable Offer

Our comprehensive HR compliance package includes:

A Full, Up-to-Date Employment Contract: Our HR experts will provide you with a legally compliant employment contract specifically crafted to address your organisation’s requirements, taking into account the latest changes in UK and Ireland employment laws.


Comprehensive Employee Handbook: Stay ahead of all the latest employment legislation with our detailed employee handbook that keeps you informed and in control, reflecting the most recent updates in employment regulations.


A Consultation Meeting via Teams: Connect with a Senior HR and Employment Law consultant who will work closely with you to ensure that your documentation is completely customised to align with your organisation’s unique identity and remains in accordance with the latest legal standards.


A Bespoke Video Recording: Receive personalised guidance on how to seamlessly implement and communicate these vital documents to your workforce, while staying in compliance with the latest employment laws.


The Benefits of Early Adoption

By taking advantage of this exclusive offer before October 31, 2023, your organisation stands to gain in several key ways:


Legal Protection: Safeguard your organisation against legal risks, significantly reducing the potential for costly disputes and penalties, which can be exacerbated by recent changes in employment laws.


Employee Clarity: Foster a harmonious work environment by providing your employees with clear guidelines and expectations, keeping pace with the latest employment regulations to ensure compliance.


Attract and Retain Talent: Being recognised as an employer of choice is vital for attracting and retaining top talent, especially in a landscape defined by evolving employment laws. Our bespoke documentation will help you create an appealing workplace culture that talent will gravitate towards.


Stay Ahead: Ensure your HR department is fully prepared for the challenges of 2024 and beyond with an up-to-date employment contract and employee handbook that align with the latest developments in UK and Ireland employment laws.


Limited-Time Offer: Act Now!

Please note that this exclusive offer is available only until October 31, 2023, and slots are filling up fast. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your HR department in order and ensure legal compliance for the upcoming year, especially in light of the recent changes in employment laws.

Don’t wait until the last minute. Get ahead of the game and ensure your organisation is legally compliant and ready for the new year, all while staying in step with the latest employment law updates in the UK and Ireland. Simply click on the link below to get started today.

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Terms and Conditions

This offer does not include a review of current documentation.

The consultation call will last up to 1 hour.

Documentation is provided in Microsoft Word.

Don’t leave legal compliance to chance. Secure your organisation’s future today with HR Team’s HR solutions, tailored to the ever-changing employment laws in the UK and Ireland.

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Employment law and health & safety compliance, HR best practice and increased staff performance are just a click away.