hr consultants northern irelandMost employers will at some stage experience a sense of frustration at spending time on what are often perceived as non-essential facets of the business.


These are things that divert resources from the revenue-generating aspects such as strategy and operations.

It’s a frustration that can often lead business owners to consider the option of outsourcing some company functions, including human resources.

We know that HR is an ever evolving specialism, one that requires highly skilled professionalism and expertise.

It’s exactly that skillset and know-how that we provide at HR Team.

Irrespective of the size of the company, more and more business leaders are making the decision to outsource because by doing so they get access to highly skilled professionals who keep organisations compliant with law and mitigate risk.

At HR Team we work to help businesses stay compliant with the ever changing world of employment law.

And we do so across three jurisdictions – Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Keeping up to date with the regulations and legislation can be an extremely challenging task for employers.

As highly skilled experts, HR Team keeps abreast of every change to employment law that will impact on your organisation so you don’t have to.

We develop, maintain and audit, practice and policy that protect companies within the intricate world of employment legislation.

Misunderstanding compliance and legal liability can be a huge risk to employers.

Outsourcing HR allows business owners to refocus and donate more time to core operating functions.

Especially in the case of SMEs, outsourcing offers a level of service that often cannot be provided in-house.

It allows employers and managers to spend less time doing paperwork and more time working to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the workforce

And it’s cost effective as outsourcing HR saves companies money.

Many small businesses find it more much more cost-effective to outsource than expand. Often costs of outsourcing are flexible and can be based on businesses need.

Outsourcing with a company like HR Team can make your business safer, leaner, more adaptive, smarter and more profitable.

Whatever the HR challenges that you face, HR Team can partner with you to provide the human resource outsourcing solutions that you need.

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