Recruitment & Selection

  • Ensure legal compliance

  • Recruit the right talent

  • Safeguard your organisation

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“HR Team completed a full review of my company’s HR policies and procedures ensuring 100% compliance in relation to my staffing needs. No matter what my query was, HR Team provided an answer swiftly. Their flexibility and ongoing availability has proven invaluable to the smooth running of my business.”

Hiring the right people for your business

HR Team can help you select people who are the right fit for your organisation, and ensure all of the legal checks and balances are in place.
Our experts have years of experience in the area of recruitment and selection for staffing while adhering to the legal requirements to safeguard your business from tribunal claims.
In getting the right people for the job, employers must be aware of the discriminatory factors associated with recruiting new staff. Discrimination risks apply to the whole of the recruitment process, including the selection procedure. You must avoid all forms of unlawful discrimination and ensure that individuals are selected for roles solely on the basis of their merits and abilities.
Poor recruitment and selection procedures can give rise to huge costs, waste valuable time and result in bad selection decisions. Talk to us today for further information on the recruitment and selection process.


One of the many benefits of a comprehensive recruitment process is that at the end of the process there is a much higher certainty of having hired an employee that fits your vacancy as well as possible, rather than plugging square pegs in round holes, as often occurs with a less extensive recruitment procedure.

Better applicants can be attracted by having more specific criteria in the job advertisement, and in competitive markets offering a slightly higher salary can encourage a higher quality of applicant also.

It helps by asking questions during the interview process that are as specific as possible to the vacancy that is being filled. With more specific questions, it is more easily apparent how suitable the candidate is for the specific job at hand.

Some of the risks involved with recruiting an unsuitable employee includes the money wasted by paying them to do a job they are not capable of, the hassle of the necessary paperwork required to properly address underperformance, and the opportunity cost of the time being spent employing an inadequate employee instead of one that is fit for purpose.

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