How can we motivate staff without paying more?

Statistically, and surprisingly, pay is not the number one motivating factor for staff.
So, what exactly is it that makes employees tick?

Other than money, there are a number of factors, including professional development through training and clarity around what is expected of
them at work. In a lot of instances, however, it can just be as simple as saying ‘thank you’or ‘well done.’ Staff love nothing more than being recognised for doing good job. So, it is vitally important to do just that if, and when, it is merited.

They should, at the very least, get feedback on their performance. Employees also like to know if there are any chances for climbing the career ladder. It has become a bit of a cliché for employers to tell new recruits there are loads of ‘promotion opportunities’, but this can disappoint hugely when they don’t materialise. That is why it is important to show there is a clear path up the ranks, so they know what, and what not, to focus on in their new career.

how to motivate employees

Clarity around roles and what is expected of them is also important for staff. It is essential to issue contracts of employment for new employees at the outset. This way, they know where they stand and there will be less chance of grievances arising down the road.

Investing in the professional development of your teams can be a great motivator for staff. Training and/or upskilling opportunities are recommended as most staff do want to learn and do more, and do it well.

A good working environment is also important for staff motivation and is becoming a big focus point for employers seeking to boost productivity. This may include attractive working conditions, such as proper workstations, break areas etc.

A clear schedule for breaks and holidays is also a must to maintaining staff motivation. To achieve the coveted work-life balance, it is vital that staff know when they are working and when they are off, so they can plan their private lives. After all, people work all year to save for that dream holiday and need to know when, and if, they can have the leave the enjoy it. The last thing they want to hear is that it’s ‘too busy’ for anyone to go off on annual leave.

Working flexible hours is a motivator for many employees too but not all industries can facilitate this so introducing flexible or even remote working may depend on what sector you are operating in. The good news is that all of these motivating factors, and more, can be introduced without increasing your wage bill.

Having issues motivating staff?

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