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HR Team is Ireland’s trusted provider of employment law advice, human resource management and health and safety compliance services.

Our commercially-focussed approach ensures our clients’ organisations can thrive while minimising risk.

We cater for a wide range of sectors in Dublin and throughout Ireland, providing expert advice and sector-specific HR training solutions.

We specialise in providing employment law compliance packages for organisations setting-up or relocating across borders in Ireland or the UK.

Our highly experienced HR consultants provide bespoke employment law and health and safety compliance solutions, and tailored human resources packages to ensure our clients maximise performance.

We can operate as your outsourced HR management team or as an extension of your existing in-house HR function.

Employee Leave Management Software

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How Can HR Leave Hub Benefit My Organisation?

From saving time and money with instant leave calculations, to maximising compliance and ensuring best practice, HR Leave Hub makes managing all types of leave a simple, stress free and streamlined process.


Benefit from no set up charges and low-cost monthly fees which will result in a quantifiable return on investment by freeing up precious time

Time Saving

Reduce the HR headache of managing leave requests the traditional way and save time to focus on growing your organisation

Money Saving

Dramatically cut the cost of managing leave in your organisation and improve productivity as a result of time saved on calculating and managing leave


Leave Hub provides real-time recording of all leave requests and responses – ensuring up-to-date compliance with employment legislation

Best Practice

HR Leave Hub is designed by HR and employment law experts for HR professionals, managers and employers to ensure best practice in managing leave in your organisation

All Leave Types

Instantly calculates annual leave based on employees’ working hours. Records all leave types, both planned and unplanned leave – it’s all taken care of.

Boost Morale

Managing staff leave online ensures transparency across your organisation regarding leave requests, minimising the risk of communication issues and leave management errors.

Simple Solution

HR Leave Hub does exactly what it says it does, with no complicated add-ons or confusing extras. Simply manage leave, simply – at a click or a tap.

Access Anywhere

HR Leave Hub is a fully responsive online tool which stores all data securely in the cloud. As such, it can be easily accessed anywhere, at any time and on any device with internet access.

Fully Secure

Your employee data is fully protected with secure encryption for full data protection compliance.

Choose multi region/jurisdiction packages for organisations operating across borders in Great Britain/Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. This ensures your compliance with employment legislation in managing leave for staff based in the respective jurisdictions.

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