Absence Management

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  • Decrease financial loss

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Handling absence in the workplace

Absence management is a headache for employers but our experts are here to help.
Absence can be costly and, if not managed properly, problems such as loss of production or a reduction in services can arise and staff morale can be adversely affected.
It is essential when dealing with absence that the employer is aware of employment law implications such as discrimination and unfair dismissal in order to avoid a costly tribunal.
We provide expert assistance in handling absence from the workplace.
Absence management is complex and having a good clear policy that is understood and communicated well by managers and staff is a necessary starting point.
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It is important to establish the reason for the employee’s persistent absences. If the absences continue, the employer should escalate using the company’s disciplinary (or in the terms of sickness absence – capability) procedure in accordance with the company’s employee handbook.

It is important to make some accommodations for an employee’s return to work, within reason. These accommodations may include reduced number of shifts, shorter length of shift, slight temporary alterations to their expected activities such as lighter duties. This may also include occupational health assessments.

An employer has the right to request information from a sick employee on their prognosis. This is subject to the employee’s consent. Also, by following the correct procedures, with the necessary permissions the employer can request a doctor’s report on the status of the employees’ health.

This depends on the reason for, and length of, the absence and the procedure that the employer follows. It will be difficult for an employer to argue successfully that its dismissal of an employee for a one-off unauthorised absence that was taken for a good reason was fair. However, if the unauthorised absence is prolonged and/or not for a genuine reason, dismissal is more likely to be fair, provided that the employer follows a fair procedure, as set out in the employee handbook. Every case is different when it comes to absence management and so it is recommended that expert advice is sought before formal action is taken.

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