Is your business legally compliant with employment law? Are you aware of the risk of potential fines and prosecution for failure to adhere to employment legislation? Even if you only have one employee, you need to ensure compliance – particularly to keep up with the ever-emerging staffing challenges of lockdown.Top tips for compliance

Here are 7 steps to employment law compliance:

1. Contracts of employment

Every employee is legally entitled to terms and conditions of employment which must contain key pieces of information in relation to their employment.

2. Employee’s job descriptions

It’s important to ensure that each employee has a job description. A brief list of duties will be sufficient and can be contained within the terms and conditions of employment.

3. Annual leave

Each employee should receive annual leave in accordance with his/her terms and conditions of employment. It is important that a record of annual leave is maintained. A record of hours of work should be maintained for every employee. An employer must be able to demonstrate that employees received their legal entitlement to daily and weekly rest breaks.

4. Pay details

Each employee should receive a payslip which should include details of all pay (gross, net, overtime, bonus, commission, rate per hour).

5. Workers under 18

For any organisation that employs a worker under 18, the employer must be able to demonstrate compliance with legislation for young workers in order to avoid prosecution and a fine.

6. Details of employee permits

It is crucial that the records of any employee requiring a work permit are maintained.

7. Mandatory policies and procedures

These are normally contained within the employee handbook and should include the disciplinary procedure, grievance procedure, dignity at work procedure and equal opportunities procedure.

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